The universal transformer.

Single-phase main, control and isolating transformers
According to VDE0570-2-1/2-2/2-4/UL (EN61558/IEC61558)

► Separate windings
► Protection class IPxxB
► Incl. ground connection for installation in devices and systems of protection class I
► Designed for pollution degree of P2
► Maximum ambient temperature 40°C
► Insulation class F
► Frequency 50/60 Hz
► Vacuum impregnation
► Designed for continuous operation (duty-cycle = 100%)
► Incl. thermal switch 150°C for over temperature protection
► Tested according to UL, CE and UKCA
► Safe and tool less insertion of wires due to the use of push-in clamps
► Short-circuit protection is to be carried out by the installer according to the nameplate specifications

► Primary: 208/230/250/380/400/420/440/460/480/500/520/540/560/580/600 V
► Secondary: 115/230 V

Primary Connection

Secondary Connection

Dimension & Losses