The eco-friendly transformer.

The world consumes more and more energy - a trend that can hardly be stopped. And in most cases, without voltage transformation - NOTHING works!
Voltage transformation also means: producing losses that are released into the environment in the form of heat and can have a negative impact.

But we as EMB have THE SOLUTION now: The EMB – ECOformator®!
ECOformator® means maximum efficiency with minimum environmental impact.
Our ECOformator® technology combines the highest quality materials with an optimized winding design to ensure minimal power usage!

We at EMB take environmental protection very seriously. Since 1999 we are certified according to ISO 14001! With our EMB - ECOformator® we now take another huge step towards environmental protection and at the same time you save cash every day through minimal power usage!
Our ECOformator® has approx. 35% less electrical losses and already after TWO YEARS our ECOformator®- technology pays off for you or your customers and relieves our common environment!

Our ECOformator® by comparison:

► Maximum efficiency
► Minimal power usage
► Low heat generation
► Longer life
► Minimal environmental impact
► Approx. 40% less electrical losses*
► Return on investment after approx. 2 yrs**

* Compared to conventional design (10kVA)
** At an operating load of 80%, 16 operating hours / day,
electricity price 25ct/kWh, 250 operating days/year.